{like a kaleidoscope} is a group of butterflies

…and is the electronic experimental music outfit of musicians Hadiza Sa-Aadu (Hadiza.) and Madison Monroe (Babydoll). United in music and in intersections from their individual queer experiences, the pair as of late have been leaning into heavier and darker soundscapes providing backbone to the words that are most often sung, sometimes screamed, and least often spoken. Words that point crosshairs at power structures while opening an escape route through fantasy and surrealism.

In June 2023, the pair followed up their first two EPs DEEP TAPE and Systemic, realising their first full length album Funhouse on Bandcamp (and everywhere else). 


Listen to and find full credits for Funhouse on Bandcamp 

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DEEP TAPE x Collidescope

Released Dec 31 2020

DEEP TAPE EP on Bandcamp

(Full credits on Bandcamp) 


Collidescope (ft. Tayler Bilal on 2nd guitar) at Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines Iowa December 2017

Mission Creek Festival April 2018 (Yacht Club, Iowa City)

Mission Creek 2018 (Yacht Club, Iowa City)

Mission Creek 2018 (Yacht Club, Iowa City)

Playing into the horror synths and eerie Mellotron choruses in the song’s background, this is one of the best pairings of sound and vision we’ve experienced in a hot minute. It’s either terrifying in its beauty or beautiful in its terror, but no matter what, “The Blackness” is an experience worth taking on.” - Nick Spacek

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